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Reduce time-consuming and costly physical prototyping and testing


FEMPLY™ is a composite ply-based modelling tool fully integrated into Siemens PLM Software’s FEMAP Pre/Post-processor offering fast, efficient and simple definition of complex component layups.

Making use of FEMAP’s Global Ply capabilities, FEMPLY enables tabular definition of whole component laminate schedules more closely following manufacturing processes within a simple, intuitive user interface. Multiple plies may be edited in one operation and may be re-mapped onto a new mesh or after mesh refinement. A single definition of Laminate Properties, Failure Theorem and Offsets can be applied all Composite Property sets.

FEMPLY Pro also offers:

  • Ply draping to accurately account for fibre angle deviation during the manufacture process and verify planned production processes reducing the need for modifications or redesign late in the manufacturing process.
  • Flat pattern export enabling the user to directly extract 2d CAD ply shapes for use in ply booklets or cutting patterns enhancing the accuracy and reproducibility of the component.
  • Post-processing to Hill, Hoffman, Tsai-Wu, Max Stress, Max Strain, Puck and LaRC02 failure theorems, as well as sandwich stability calculations, with output vectors by Layer, Global Ply and Maximum and Critical Ply and Fibre Angle output vectors to quickly and easily identify critical areas.

FEMPLY offers FEMAP users a low cost ply based modelling solution with fast and efficient handling of complex layups, ply draping and composite post-processing. When used with FEMAP, the product offers a significantly cheaper way into ply based modelling than alternative products.

“Femap enables us to carry out our mission of analyzing the structural and thermal performance of parts and systems. Femap is easy to learn and use, and works well with any solver.”

Mark McGinnis

Project Lead, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - JWST

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