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Predict And Improve Product Performance And Reliability With Femap

Thermal Solver


The Femap Thermal Solver adds state-of-the-art thermal analysis solutions to the Femap environment and provides fast and accurate solutions to complex thermal engineering problems. Using finite-element mesh, finite-volume based numerical techniques, the Femap Thermal Solver makes it easy to model nonlinear and transient heat transfer processes including conduction, radiation as well as phase change. Leading-edge solver technology provides solid reliability and superior solution speed for even the most challenging problems. With Femap, accurate thermal analysis can be performed quickly and effectively, delivering the engineering insight and turnaround speed needed to ensure success within today’s rapid development cycles.


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“Ten years ago, you could design a ship using ‘basic’ calculations, but now the rules have become more and more complex, and powerful software is essential to apply them.“

Olivier Degrand

Project Manager, Bureau Veritas

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