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The fastest and most efficient way to become productive using specialized engineering software is to enroll in our training courses


The fastest and most efficient way to become productive using specialized engineering software is to enroll in our training courses. But training isn’t a one-size-fits all proposition. MAYA, a Siemens PLM Software development partner and Official PLM Training Center since 1982, offers a diverse range of training options to meet your organizational, resource, and process needs.

What sets our training offerings apart from other is:

  • Adaptability; we can modify content, timing, and location to meet your specific needs, challenges, and industry
  • Knowledge; as a key developer of Siemens PLM Software NX™ solutions we harness this knowledge for your team’s benefit
  • Expertise; our trainers are all practicing industry experts working on real-world problems


Our training offerings include:

  • Standard training
  • Custom training with modified agenda and/or compressed timelines to meet your needs
  • Adding specific activities such as new industry-related tutorials, or working with your models
  • Learning Advantage – a suite of self-guided online tutorials

Our certified trainers are all experienced engineering consultants who apply real-world experience. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses in Pre/Post Processing, Structural Analysis, Thermal Analysis, CAD and Product Design and Customization for NX™, Teamcenter®, FEMAP, and Solid Edge®.

Most classes are one to five days long. All our courses are composed of both lecture and hands-on workshop examples. Upon completion of the course, students receive a certificate of completion, lecture notes and an online access to the tutorial files.

Training can be delivered:

  • At our facility in Montreal, Canada
  • At your location
  • Online
  • In our unique Mobile Training Classroom – we provide you with all the training equipment and software at a location of your choice

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MAYA can also help I-deas users migrate to the integrated NX™ development environment through training support. We’ll make sure your users are quickly up-to-speed on the NX™ environment for minimal disruption in your workflow.

Available Courses:

  • NX Advanced Simulation Process
  • Femap 101
  • NX Space Systems Thermal
  • NX Electronics Systems Cooling
  • NX Basic Design
  • Essentials for NX Designers
  • Solid Edge
  • NX Using TC for Simulation
  • Introduction to NX for Experienced Users
  • NX Advanced Simulation Solutions
  • NX Laminate Composites
  • NX Motion Simulation
  • NX Thermal
  • NX Thermal and Flow Analysis
  • Femap Thermal and Flow analysis
  • NX Flow Analysis
  • NX Sketching Fundamentals
  • NX Synchronous Modeling Fundamentals
  • Intermediate NX Design and Assemblies
  • NX PCB Exchange
  • NX Knowledge Fusion for Designers
  • NX Open API Programming
  • NX for the lighting industry
  • NX Synchronous Modeling and Parametric Design
  • NX Routing Electrical
  • NX Response Simulation
  • NX Advanced Thermal and Flow Analysis


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“Maya has by far done the best training job of anyone I’ve met to date. Usually I’m stuck with people at an extreme end of the knowledge spectrum…they either know the software very well, or have vast industry knowledge that they don’t know how to properly communicate. Many times if I take the trainer off their script/slideshow, they can’t properly address my question…. and I realize I constantly ask questions outside of what is being presented. That wasn’t a problem when I was at Maya though; they nailed every question and related everything to real life/industry in a perfect way.””

Nick Bruno, ValveTech, Inc.

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