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Free Introductory Femap Course


We created this course for new Femap users trying to learn the basics of Femap. This course covers the basic of Femap including geometry modeling, loading data, meshing, post-processing and much more. So get started by selecting a video below:

Module 1:

This first part contains a brief introduction to the features available in Femap, such as geometry modeling and defining complex loading conditions using data surfaces, and how this standalone pre- and post-processing software offers techniques to perform automated tasks and provide customized solutions.

Module 2:

This part introduces the types of files Femap can import, and will demonstrate how to set up a model for meshing. In this demo, a bracket model is imported and its geometry is manipulated.

Module 3:

This part shows how Femap incorporates the latest simulation technologies to perform the most demanding analyses. Highlighted in this video are the assembly modeling and meshing tools. This part also shows how Femap utilizes contact detection and component visualization.

Module 4:

This part demonstrates how easy it is to set up a Finite Element mesh in Femap, and how the interactive mesh editing quickly creates a FE model that will yield results. Highlighted in this video is also Femap’s powerful material property library.

Module 5:

This part highlights Femap’s more advanced features and analysis options. The video shows how more than one solver can be accessed in the same environment, and how Femap can be bundled with other NX products, such as NX Nastran, NX Thermal and NX Flow. The video also displays Femap’s advanced post-processing tools.

Module 6:

This part demonstrates normal mode and frequency response analyses in Femap.

Module 7:

This final part lists the benefits in using Femap and some previous successes of Femap customers. This video also explains how Femap lowers production and design time, while efficiently helping designers and analysts develop more complex products for their customers.

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