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Geometry Modeling

Femap 11.1 - Geometry Modeling

Extensions to the NonManifold Add capability allow you to more easily consolidate solid sheets to form a single general body, in order to ensure subsequent contiguous mesh creation. New Solid Sweep commands enhance the set of geometry modeling tools, and a more robust Mid-Surface Extraction capability is available courtesy of extensions to the underlying Parasolid modeling kernel.

FE Modeling Enhancements

Femap 11.1 - FE Modeling

Enhancements to the Model Merge capability – with extended control over entity selection, renumbering, grouping and orientation – allow you to more easily copy entities between models. The Meshing Toolbox provides you with added control over alignment of pad mesh features, and new mesh offset methods increase mesh control and versatility. The Tet-Mesher includes increased quality checking that prevents sliver element creation, and can optionally force multiple element creation through the thickness to yield more accurate results.

Graphics Enhancements

Femap 11.1 - Graphics Enhancements

Graphics performance in Femap version 11.1 is improved through more efficient graphics storage and added support of OpenGL® geometry shader functionality. Femap 11.1 can take advantage of OpenGL 4.2 (and above) graphics, which are much faster and use significantly less graphics memory.


Femap 11.1 - Postprocessing

Results data access through attached data files has been extended to include Nastran XDB formats. Femap version 11’s charting capability includes extended support for data series types and improvements to the data series display. The Free Body capability includes a new validation tool that allows you to verify the presence of requested values in the results set.

NX Nastran Integration and Customer-Driven Updates

Femap 11.1 - NX Nastran Integration and Customer-Driven Updates

Femap 11.1 ships with NX Nastran 9 and extends support of NX Nastran to provide closer integration between the pre- and postprocessor and solver. In addition, there are numerous other customer-driven enhancements that improve model visualization, model checking, boundary condition combination definition and extend supported analysis functionality.

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